The Apps We Discussed

Here is a list of the apps we discussed during the class and links to download them. They have worked well for me, but I am not guaranteeing they will work for you or that that will not cause issues on your computer.

Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Fix It Center


Smart Defrag


Resize pictures with Prish Resizer

Create a PDF printer with PDFredirect

Open Office Suite

Backup and synchronizing software

Software to take a picture of the screen: Use the snipping tool in Vista or 7 and in XP you can use the following. (I use it in all three operating systems)

Download and install the apps one at a time. DO NOT use more than one anti-virus on your machine. Choose 1 and use it. I suggest the Microsoft one.

Web Sites:

Create a short Web address at  and at 

Upload a picture to use in an email at

Look up data on someone at

Office Suite in the cloud 

Backup in the cloud at  They give you 2gb for free and if you use my code GFBU22 you get an additional .25gb free.

Upload your pictures to

A drive in the cloud at , including Office 2007 mini-versions

Test the speed of your Internet connection at 

Create your own ToDo list at