Building a Web Site


In this class we learned about HTML and CSS by building a two page site using applications available in Windows -- Notepad and Internet Explorer. To see the actuall site built click here. (Note that the image used has been changed to one taken by me from the images page on this site.)

For a complete look at the full 32 steps we took to build the Home Page, Contact Page, and add the Cascading Style Sheet inlcuding screenshots of every step --> click here

And here is the html template we used in class.

NEW Oct 2010 -- Web Site Tips

At the end we talked about a way to design the pages in a WYSIWYG editor like Word, but one that creates the HMTL for you. This entire Web site was created using PageBreeze Free.

New book by Dick Evans: Quick and Easy Web Sites  

Handouts: Building a Web Site | The Final Code

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